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These zebra 2 presets were designed with intent to keep you in the "creative mindset." Even for people who don't like presets, we've used the X/Y performance tool to shape sounds so that you may achieve a more unique sound! There are 190 Zebra 2 presets in all.

"Sustenance" is a zebra 2 preset library. It's actually the best thing ever... in all of existence. It somehow even makes you more attractive and talented. Ok, just kidding. "Sustenance," is a Zebra 2 patch library though. If you like U-He Zebra2 // Dance Music // Hip Hop // R&B // EDM // Sound Design please keep reading. *You must own Zebra Soft Synth for this to work.

*Note - In demo above the same 8 bars plays switching to a different combination of Pad / Lead / Bass. Pads are sidechained.

Sustenance – Zebra 2 Presets at a glance:

  • 43 Basses
  • 73 Leads
  • 51 Pads
  • 23 Plucks
  • 1 Kick Designer
  • Made with Zebra 2.7
  • Additional Waveforms

X/Y Pad assignments:

MOST presets have the X/Y pads assigned like so:

Zebra 2 Presets - Performance Pads

Pad 1 = Filter

  • X = Cutoff
  • Y = Resonance

Pad 2 = Envelope

  • X = Attack
  • Y = Sustain

Pad 3 = Character

  • X = Not telling – Part of the fun
  • Y = Not telling – Part of the fun

*Usually some combination of spectral effects and/or waveforms. I hope this is part of the fun in selecting // modifying // Discovering // automating sounds.

Pad 4 = Tone/Room Tone

  • X = Reverb
  • Y = Either Delay or Chorus

Zebra 2 Presets – Kick Designer

We've made a "Kick Designer." See the performance pads below.

Zebra 2 Presets - Kick Designer

Zebra 2 Presets – Naming Conventions

To help you find Patches faster the names are prepended to let you know if it's a bass, lead, or pad. It is also prepended to let you know if it's polyphonic or monophonic... In a rare case duophonic.


If you would like you can download a list of the file names.

Zebra 2 presets - Sustenance filenames

Zebra 2 Presets – Wave Forms

But wait, there's more! ;)
Additionally we've included waveforms that we used to make some of the presets. Hopefully they can provide inspiration when tweaking or making your own presets.

Zebra 2 Presets - wave forms

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