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By Nick LeFevre

Check out the producer/musician tools!

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Welcome to

After reaching a few thousand subscribers and over 134,000 pageviews in the last year it was time to update/upgrade  What started as an infrequently updated blog and delay calculator tool is growing into a site for vocalists // musicians // producers // engineers.

Plans include: Tools and Resources for Producers and Vocalists.


Delay Calculator

Here you can use a reverb and delay calculator to find times of the various notes so you can sync reverb, delay, pre-delay times to your music.


Note Frequencies

Calculates Note frequencies based on selected note and/or displays note frequencies of all notes at all octaves for all notes.


Buy Beats Online

We now have a beat store.  We are currently building our catalog.  Go here to BUY BEATS!


Blog Music info

You guessed it. I a blog... About music.  There are tutorials on mixing, music theory, and composing.

Delay Calculator // Scale Finder // Note Frequency Finder // Check Out the Production Tools!