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Reverb and Delay Calculator

Delay Calculator Results:

Delay Calculator

1/1: 0ms
1/16: 0ms

Delay Calculator

1/1: 0ms
1/2: 0ms
1/4: 0ms
1/8: 0ms
1/16: 0ms
1/32: 0ms
1/64: 0ms
1/128: 0ms

Delay Calculator

1/1: 0ms
1/2: 0ms
1/4: 0ms
1/8: 0ms
1/16: 0ms
1/32: 0ms
1/64: 0ms
1/128: 0ms

1,000 milliseconds (ms) = 1 second.

Apply delay calculator to delay AND reverb time

It makes your mix sound finished thus improving the overall quality of the music. Music is about timing. So applying a delay calculator to both your reverb and delay time makes sense. This reverb and delay calculator uses the principles in this article on reverb and delay calculation – How to Calculate Reverb and Delay Times. Short version… The delay calculator uses 60,000 divided by BPM to calculate delay times.

Delay calculator can be used to create an echo with the delay.

Use the delay calculator to make a subtle delay mixed just under a reverb (using a delay calculator derived time). Mute the delay – Notice a difference?

I like to mix and match sometimes triplets with regular note times, sometimes using reverb for one and delay for the other. Try applying 3 different times from the delay calculator to a LCR delay.

Delay calculator time – Applied Usage

I also suggest using the time calculated from the delay calculator to be used as the entire time… Say you use the delay calculator and calculate a time of 600ms from a BPM of 100. You decide to apply this to a reverb, and use a predelay of 15ms. You got 15ms from taking 600ms derived from your delay calculator and divide by 40 or you notice that 1/16 note is 150ms and reduce by a factor of 10. I would now subtract 15 from 600 resulting in 585. Predelay is 15ms, reverb time is 585ms, and total reverb time including predelay is 600ms. Most of all, the delay calculator is a tool, and you should use your ears.

Please share if you found this reverb and delay calculator useful.

19 Responses to Delay Calculator – Reverb Calculator

  1. RiZRoC says:

    thank you so much whatever design this calculator saves me a lot of math and a lot of time !!!!!

  2. RiZRoC says:

    you should make a mobile app add in the future tips and tricks just a suggestion for Android Market first lol

  3. AR says:

    thanks, useful calculator

  4. CT says:

    Thanks Nick for taking the time so we don’t have too.

    Stay bless

  5. Justin Jayankura says:

    I would love to have this on my iPhone or even a reverb plugin where u can type I the bpm and it will do it automatically. Thank you for your calculator I literally use it everyday when I work.

  6. admin says:

    You’re welcome! I appreciate you taking the time to say “Thanks.”

  7. admin says:

    You’re welcome! I actually want to start making the app for Android, but there are only so many hours in a day… Sigh…

    Keep using it every day Justin! :) And I’d appreciate it if you’d share it on social networks and forums too!

  8. admin says:

    You are all most welcome :) My replies to you all don’t go in order…

    Anyhow I encourage everyone to share on their favorite forums and social networks. I really appreciate it!!


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  10. Thanks for this tool. I use it every day in my mixing tasks

  11. mmmusic88 says:

    Thanks so much for this! I use it every single day when producing and it really does help cleaning up reverbs and making the tracks sound tighter :)

  12. amith gupta says:

    Great help in a very simple way…Many many Thanks.

  13. Leo M Whitebird says:

    lovely device, have to agree on IOS version would be great- a room size to milliseconds might be useful to folks trying to match ambiences; the math is pretty easy and you can slop it with 1ft /ms well enough for reverbs.Still do it in my head, just so I dont get senile! Thank you so much!

  14. Leo M Whitebird says:

    Oh dear, my comment is awaiting moderation. Im doomed!(somewhat immoderate usually….)

  15. Nick LeFevre says:

    You’re welcome!

    I’m glad you find it useful :)

  16. Nick LeFevre says:

    You’re welcome!

    It sort of settles it all in a pocket nicely :)

  17. Nick LeFevre says:

    Sorry Leo. I am a bit slow to check pending comments, but I’m glad you like it. That being said if I don’t have time to go through my comments, I’m not sure how much I could add to the programming of the delay calculator.

    Thanks again,

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