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BPM to MS Conversion

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Nov 19

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BPM to MS Conversion

BPM to MS Conversion


BPM to MS conversion is fairly simple. This post is a bit redundant as converting BPM to MS is done the same way as calculating delay times. Many people search for "BPM to MS" rather than a "delay calculator." In an effort to help those people find what they are looking for, I've made this post. Regardless, the concept/equation is the same. FYI - BPM stands for Beats Per Minute.


If you are in a hurry to convert BPM to MS or need dotted or triplets, use the BPM to MS Calculator.

BPM to MS Equation:

The equation is 60,000 / BPM = MS

Why 60,000?  There are 60 seconds in a minute, and 1,000 MS in a second.  So, 60 * 1,000 = 60,000.

BPM to MS conversion example:

Say you have a song that is 80 Beats per Minute: 60,000 / 80 = 750MS per Beat.

There are 4 beats in a measure.

750 * 4 = 3,000MS or 3 seconds.

BPM to MS Example 2

60,000 divided by 120BPM = 500 milliseconds (.5 seconds)

500MS * 4 beats per measure = 2,000MS or 2 seconds per measure

This calculator can be used to convert BPM to MS. It will also provide dotted and triplets :)

BPM to MS Calculator

1,000 milliseconds (ms) = 1 second.


Reasons to convert BPM to MS:
Sync up reverb and delay times. Calculate a predelay time. Time a piece of music very specifically for a short edit. These are simply ideas/ reasons to convert BPM to MS. Whatever your reason, remember to use your ears.


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