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BPM Finder via Tap Tempo

This BPM Finder calculates BPM (Beats per Minute) via tap tempo. Tap the tempo with the space bar, click the button using your mouse, or tap the button with your touch screen device.

Calculate beats per minute for your music or Heart Rate.

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Beats Per Minute (BPM) Explained

“Beats Per Minute” (BPM) is a measure of tempo. Here we are talking about Music. At 120 BPM fthere is one beat every 0.5 seconds. The note value of a beat is defined by the denominator of the time signature. This means within the most common time signature 4/4 one beat is a quarter note.

Online Song Tempo Tapper

You can use this BPM calculator to measure the Beats Per Minute of an existing songs, or to find the BPM a rhythm that's in your head.

BPM Calculator for Music

I originally made this BPM Calculator for music, but realised how often it may be used for other things. If you use this BPM Finder for other uses, please feel free to send a quick email explaining how you use it.

BPM Finder for Heart Rate or Pulse

You can use this BPM calculator to find Resting Pulse or heart rate. No need, to count and look at a clock or timer. Just tap the button and it will display beats per minute automagically.

Please, Share this BPM Finder with others who make music or could use it to determine heart rates or any other application. Basically share it within your respective communities.


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