Funktion One impulse responses by BalanceMastering

Funktion One impulse responses by BalanceMastering

BalanceMastering / Funktion One impulse responses

Funktion One impulse responses

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Even if your music isn’t club related, these impulse responses give a fresh perspective on the mix of any genre. Load these IRs into your convolution plugin and hear what your music sounds like on The Hive Project’s Funktion One rig.

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Funktion One impulse responses by BalanceMastering

How to use these IRs

  1. Put a convolution plugin on your master channel as the last effect in the chain.
  2. Pull the master channel down about 12dB to allow some headroom. (Like a real Funktion One rig, these IRs give a bit of a kick.)
  3. Load in the impulse responses. (True stereo if possible, otherwise try parallel stereo or mono.)
  4. Turn down the dry signal or make sure the plugin is set to 100% wet so that only the IR sound is audible.
  5. Enjoy the sound of your track through The Hive Project’s Funktion One.

True stereo, parallel stereo or mono?

The impulse response pack contains 4 files:

  • 1 mono IR
  • 1 parallel stereo IR
  • 2 files that form a ‘true stereo’ pair of IRs

The true stereo set gives the most realistic impression of what it sounds like to stand in front of these speakers. If you’re using the parallel stereo or the straight mono IRs it’s best to reduce the stereo width of your master channel to about 25–50% to mimic the width reduction that occurs with the true stereo set.