OTT by Xfer Records

OTT by Xfer Records

Xfer Records / OTT


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Xfer Records Recreated a popular multiband upwards/downwards compressor. It is popular in dance music. It's often used on the master channel and Bass sounds.

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OTT by Xfer Records

Xfer Records OTT is a great sounding 3 band compressor expander. The Depth controls applies the amount of comression while the Time control affects the attack and release both. 

It's often use on the master channel or busses. I personally like it on bass sounds. I believe it can help combat  "frequency masking," in lower frequencies which is import in getting a cleaner louder sounding mix. 

I talk a litter more about frequency masking here.

    • 1/3/2019 12:41:09 PM
    • nickfever
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