SIR1 by SIR Audio

SIR1 by SIR Audio

SIR Audio / SIR1


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This is a reverb device that works with "impulse-responses". Impulse-responses are generated by recording short broadband signals and their corresponding room-reflections. What you get contains the information needed to reproduce the same room with other signals

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SIR1 by SIR Audio

  • freeware
  • Windows VST-Plugin
  • works with a fixed latency of 8960 samples (possibly compensated by VST-Host).
  • you can adjust predelay, attack-time, length and stereo width of the impulse response
  • Stretch (up & down sampling of impulse response)
  • FFT EQ (to adjust the frequency spectrum of the impulse-response)
  • Auto Gain (automatic volume compensation)
  • Dynamic CPU Consumption (use only the CPU power that is needed to get the result)