NI Compressor and EQ Help Sheet

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Mar 6

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NI Compressor and EQ Help Sheet

  • 3/6/2015 1:42:59 AM
  • nickfever
NI Compressor and EQ Help Sheet

The Native Instruments Komplete bundle comes with several compressors and EQs. So, I made a 1 page reference sheet that highlights each plugins particular forte according to Native Instruments.

The following plugins are on the helpsheet: SOLID EQ, SOLID DYNAMICS, SOLID BUS COMP, VC 76, VC 2A, VC 160, PASSIVE EQ, VARI COMP, ENHANCED EQ. 


Screenshot of the word document:

NI FX Screenshot

Download NI Compressor and EQ Help Sheet: 

Download the NI Compressor and EQ help sheet.


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